Linkedin Marketing Trends in 2020

Linkedin Marketing
  • LinkedIn has around 500 Million registered users, with more than 260 Million, signing-into their accounts at least once or twice in a month.
  • Almost 80% of B2B leads that are generated socially come directly from LinkedIn.
  • 80% of total business leads are generated from LinkedIn, whereas only 20% comes from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

All these stats point to one crucial information, and that is if you’re still not using LinkedIn effectively, your business is possibly missing out on some potentially good leads. Although your company has a presence on this networking site, there’s still a lot more you could do to utilize LinkedIn to its full potential. Let’s discuss a few fundamental marketing trends on LinkedIn that can boost your marketing strategy.

  1. Content Still Rules

In order for you to market and sell your product or services and how your organization stands to profit from it, LinkedIn is a great business platform.  Publishing useful and ground-breaking pieces of content on LinkedIn gives the potential decision-makers and leaders the associated material to comprehend your services through blogs, videos, or infographics.

  1. Be Definitive

Today’s B2B marketing trends is all about identifying your target audience since building up a more targeted and focusing on it brings more qualified traffic – and with B2B organizations, quality always beats the quantity.

  1. Assess What Matters

The majority of B2B marketers use metrics like CTR (Click-Through-Rate) or the number of views on videos to measure the performance for a particular campaign. However, when you look at the new B2B Marketing trends on LinkedIn, you should also examine other forms of assessment.

  1. Never Underrate the Power of a Small Audience

LinkedIn allows B2B organizations to establish connections with clients and experts who can share information on what items, frameworks, and systems their companies use. Creating LinkedIn groups and getting connected with single contributors can also be another point of access, allowing you to pick up and use the inside information for your product for service directly from the business.

  1. Be a Leader and a Hard Task-Master

Using LinkedIn’s built-in functionality to network by creating an image for your brand and gaining the trust of your audiences by sharing the business sector news on your profile, connecting with different organizations, and encouraging your clients to post compelling content on their own channel can get you visibility and high returns.


With the proliferation of content and advertising options and the ability to target the desired audience at every stage, the time invested in LinkedIn marketing is undoubtedly worth it. For you to leverage the advantage of using LinkedIn for your business, all you need is to stay up-to-date with LinkedIn’s most potent and effective trends.

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